picture of St Judes Church,Englefield Green, Surrey
Our selection of Church drawings is continually increasing. Although obviously we may not have drawn the particular Church which you desire. We are currently offering a facility to cater for any Church, combined with the opportunity of our clients (yourself) to ultimately meet only our standard fees for such a drawing. (Fee/prices)

However, we will require suitable photograph(s) from yourself.

For further information you may contact Property Drawings.

Property Drawings
We are based in Southern England (UK), but this does not hinder our
ability to accept requests further afield. Provided that you are willing
to forward photographs of the buildings which you would like detailed.
All photographs will be returned via the post (at the owner's risk).
Address details are available by email general@propertydrawings.com
or Tel: England(+44) : (0)1784 437867 Fax: (+44) : (0)1784 439399